About the Book

Heal Yourself

~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~

The body wants to return to balance. It just needs the tools to do so.

Heal Yourself ~ Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ helps you discover the messages your body is sending, and it also shares the tools to aid your body in healing itself.

Heal Yourself - Body - Mind - Spirit by Sandie Gascon

"Part One: Body"

“Part One: Body” covers Sandie’s whole-body approach to healing: rebuilding and rebalancing the body, removing stress, and addressing the root causes of chronic illness.

All key systems in the body are covered, including functional laboratory test analysis to determine what support your body needs, and the forms of supplements that are right for you. Because everything in our body is connected, we must also focus on our mind and spirit in order to heal.

When we change our negative thoughts, beliefs, and responses to ones that serve us, we remove a huge burden of stress from the body.

"Part Two: Mind"

“Part Two: Mind” dives deep into all areas of personal growth, from empowering language to the Laws of Attraction, building healthy relationships to wealth consciousness, and so much more.

"Part Three: Spirit"

“Part Three: Spirit” is focused on meditations to help further your spiritual journey.

Through meditation, you learn to become the observer of the body.

From here suffering becomes optional, allowing you to shift to a vibration of peace where the body, mind and spirit can heal.



Publication Date

August 13, 2021



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Heal Yourself - Body - Mind - Spirit by Sandie Gascon